January 27, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Got to sleep in, and then made myself an omelet. They are my favorite food to make because I am entitled to be some creative with the ingredients that I use. I organized my room all day, along with thinking about doing homework, and freelance work. Did a little Indo-boarding to pass the time. Anne and I decided that we needed ice cream so we drove to McDonalds and got some, then went to the MN Daily office to do some work. When we went back home we figured out our bill situation. We were living illegally with 3 people in a 2 bedroom apartment to cut the cost, but now one roommate moved out, so we have to hack up more $ for Feb rent. Bummer sauce!
Breakfast-$nothing (already had ingredients)
Ice Cream-$2.00
Transportation-Anne Drove
Rent-$525 (includes; water, heat, and garbage)
Gas Bill-$ 30 (2 months)
Cable & NET: $20 (2 months)
Elect: $5
Parking $60