January 29, 2008

Es Frio (i'm learning Spanish)

Rode the bus to class, and had a rude awakening when my face almost froze off while I was waiting for it to arrive. My first class we discussed a lot of political topics and I consumed a great deal of opinions from my other classmates. Also my TA had some tootsie rolls to hand out, and since many people didn't take any...I took three for breakfast. While I was walking to my next class, I was laughing in my head about Anne's wipe out last night, and before you knew it I was crashing hard to the ground right outside of McNeal. Oh the irony! Anne and went grocery shopping, but since she is so picky we had to go to 3 different stores for groceries, and one store for fun! I drove back to St Paul for class, and then to my friend's house because her husband is out of town. She had fresh baked cookies and hot choco for me to warm up with when I got there. I did my laundry there also while we caught up.
Transportation: $nothing
Groceries: $30
Laundry: $free
Snacks: $free (megan's)