January 31, 2008

I knew he had my U-card

I woke up and my friend, Megan, had made me chai tea and a bagel. What a good friend, then it was off to work for the both of us. At work somebody had brought in delicious banana bread that I had a nibble of. After work, I walked through the freezing weather to the gym, where the guy who I thought may have taken my U-card, was working. I asked him if he rememberd me, and then asked if he knew what happened to my card. Yup...he had it! That was awesome because I was going to get a new one after the gym. Yahoo! I had a NSAC meeting on the East Bank, and for some reason there were two huge bags of chips and nobody was eating them, so of course I took a few hand-fulls to hold me over until dinner. I drove home during rush hour...awesome. Anne was cooking up a pizza, which was so delicious! A friend of mine came up to visit before he had to start his job in the real world next week. We went down the street to a bar that had live music and then continued our journy to the Local. We had to take a cab home because it was just too darn cold out.
Breakfast: $nothing (Megan's food)
Gas: $nothing...1/5 full
Campus connector: $paid for in tuition
Chips: $free (one man's trash is another's treasure)
Dinner: $nothing (had all of the ingredients)
Drinks: $13
Cab: $ was cold alright!