Film Festival Virgin

In need of a study break here at the U, I've decided to take part in the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival. A virgin at this event, I'm looking for some films to see that are well worth my $9 tickets, considering my rent is due in two weeks.

On the hunt for these must-see films, I came across one news site that was great help and a couple that didn't do much good.

On the site, I was hard-pressed to find any sort of lists containing films of the festival. All I found were a few disappointing articles about the event. I suppose I could have done a more advanced search, but like any web reader, I want my information right in front of me.

The StarTribune search engine assisted me a little more. They present a list of the top-rated films appearing at the festival, including all the films that were rated at least 3 ½ stars (). Visually, they give me a photo of the movie "13 Assassins," which looks like a decnt film. Though, a list doesn't exactly help me since I haven't heard of any of these films. A link to a review or short descriptions for these would have been nice.

The City Pages article () that I've found did the best job at giving me what I needed. They provided a good chunk of films and wrote a short description with the main actors and a few photos. The article give hyperlinks to the actor's biography and to definitions of words I might not know. Under each film title are the times and dates the film shows in the festival. The City Pages was definitely worth my time and I found exactly what I was looking for. I'm prepared now to start my journey into the film festival.

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