Chilean miner runs New York marathon

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After enduring 69 days trapped in a mine, Edison Pena completed the ING New York City Marathon, reports the NY Daily News.

Pena, 34, completed the race in five hours, 40 minutes and 51 seconds according to the NY Daily News.

Pena ran even while trapped in the mine. He could cover up to six miles a day in the dark according to the Guardian (UK).

"I ran to forget I was trapped ... I became two people: the weak person who wanted simply to give up and the person who chose to be strong - to run and survive. Eventually, I chose to live," Pena told the NY Daily News.

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Did the Guardian say exactly HOW he ran in the mine? In terms of, say, space and health issues? I think that would be interesting to include. Also, would it be helpful to put his race completion time in perspective? Is five hours amazing, average, or what?

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