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Defeated Diplomat

Mokhtar Lamani of Morocco has ended his participation in the Arab League's attempt to create peace in Iraq. Lamani was sent to Iraq to create peace between the many religious groups that are batting in Iraq. The conference, however, never took place because the groups could not agree on who to invite. Lamani tried to appeal to all the groups by living outside the Green Zone and even riding in an unarmored car.

The structure of this story is excellent. The gist story is told within the first two paragraphs and each following paragraph is a separate fact block. It also adds another title within the story to separate the story brief from the in-depth story.

The Washington Post adds that Lamani wanted to visit the Anbar province, the heart of the Sunni insurgency. However, he was advised against it because it would be too dangerous.

I think this story makes the violence in Iraq seem more real. I can connect with Lamani having given up much more easily than with the numbers of deaths.