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Guard encounter at border in Arizona turns political

The commander of the Arizona National Guard is under scrutiny after National Guard troops on post on the United States/Mexico border backed down when approached by gunmen. He will have to face the state's Homeland Security Committee. The encounter with the gunmen is seen by many as a test of what we will do at the border. National Guard officials say the troops did as they are supposed to in the face of this criticism. "I don't think that it's up to the committee to negotiate the rules of engagement," Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano said. "Those rules of engagement were negotiated with the National Guard at the federal level."

This specific quote is very good because it pulls a statement about the rules from a government official. If the quote was not used, it could have been construed as the reporter's assumption. Another good quote that was used has to do with the incident being a test. "From every account I can get, it appears they were testing our resolve and what our men at the border would do," said Warde Nichols, the chairman of the committee.

The Arizona Republic adds that the incident happened at night and that there are many conflicting reports. It also adds another quote: "As I learn more about this, I am more alarmed about this situation," said Republican Rep. Warde Nichols of Chandler, the committee chairman who believes the troops should have captured the gunmen.

I think that the quote added in the Republic is unneccesary. It should be cut out and replaced with paraphrasing, because it doesn't help the story proceed. It just adds his feelings about finding conflicts in the reports.