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Pension plans put Ojibwe band 'on the cutting edge'

Mille Lacs Band Chief Melanie Benjamin has proposed plans for a pension fund for band seniors. This comes due to the high level of poverty among the elders in the band, who sometimes can pay bills only every other month. Funds will come from band businesses, including casinos. The fund will receive five percent of the band's annual revenue.

In the article, Benjamin has many quotes, most of them not too good. For example, she said, "When I get to be an old person, I want to know I'm going to be taken care of." This quote is unnecessary and would be better paraphrased.

I could not find a parallel article in any other publication.

Overall, the story is very good, with a map of the area being discussed as well as different sections. However, as I said before, the quotes could be paraphrased and attributed better.