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Penthouse trend can be had for a few grand a night

Penthouses are appearing all around Minnesota for those able to pay for them. There are hotels in St. Paul and Minneapolis offering penthouses and now two hotels in Rochester. But, there is quite a price to pay, varying from $2,800 to $5,000 per night. Many hotel owners cannot generate a quality response to the question of why the price is so high. "The price," said Dan Dick, the general manager of the St. Paul Hotel, "is so not everyone can go up there." Another reason for the price is that they don't want the room to be worn. It's all about exclusivity.

The quote used here is a perfect example of a great quote. It couldn't have been said as succinctly in by paraphrasing or using a partial quote.

I could not find a similar article in any other publication.

I think that the story is very good, because many people always wonder what makes a penthouse so good. Apparently it's just for exclusivity.