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Vote could come today on resolution against Bush's troop plan

The U.S. Senate will vote on a nonbinding resolution composed by Sen. John Warner, R-Va., that is seen by some as a very symbolic disagreement with Bush's war policy in Iraq. Republicans are criticizing the proposal, claiming it offers no alternatives and shows a lack of confidence in the armed forces. Within the proposal is a pledge to protect money for troops in combat, a desire for limiting troop levels, and forcing a vote to either authorize the war or bring home the troops.

The LA Times adds that advocates see it as the first step in an "escalating congressional campaign" against the war. Some opponents see it as meaningless, due to its nonbinding nature.

The stories are written well, but it's easy to see now why the story needs to be said in the first few paragraphs. While reading this story, I got lost in the names and got bored.