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Turf Wars

I have noticed that a big problem with our social design is the distribution of people in different neighborhoods. By this I do not mean concentration of people, but distribution of various ethnic groups in each neighborhood. I speak namely of the lack of it.

Most Caucasian people live in the suburbs or in secured skyrise apartment/condo developments that become communities in and of themselves. Most ethnic minorities, such as Latinos or Somolians, are concentrated in their own neighborhoods without many Caucasian counterparts. This is due in part to the ignorance of, well, White America. This is a big problem, as we are told that certain areas are dangerous due to this lack of cultural understanding. We stay away from the "dangerous" ethnic neighborhoods and this leads to further problems, as cultures get further and further from mutual understanding and coexistence.

In order to combat this, I encouraged one of my good friends to really look into living in Riverside Plaza, a place known as "Little Somalia" to some, "The Crack Stacks" to others, and even "The Ghetto in the Sky." She had called about openings and was hesitant to actually go, but I went to see the place with her and she fell in love with it immediately. Her apartment is very spacious and very well-maintained. I then proceeded to move into a downtown location, The Balmoral, and my building also has many Somalian residents. These are small steps, but it at least helps me to understand their culture more fully and shrink some of my own ignorance.