August 14, 2005

Blog Host Catfight

I am trying really hard to conjure up enough thoughts to justify posting on here, while still retaining consistency on my other blog. Right now, LiveJournal is responsible for publishing what I write on my personal life, whereas I have just been using this blog to mess around and get things ready for if and when I "make the transition" from one host to the next. But I have been commited to LJ for about three years running, and I'm not sure I want to give up my habitual posting there. So, a couple of choices emerge. I could write all of my university-related experiences here, and keep LJ for the miscellaneous trifles. Or, I could do that, but cross-post into my LJ accout what I have written here. Or I could just give up a journal all together, only having to worry about the one I chose to keep (the victor of that contest would be LiveJournal, as I still wish to belong to a community). However, one thing is for certain: I won't quit writing. Even if half the posts are painfully egotistical and completely trivial to everyone else on the internet, I will continue to write.

Posted by magnu225 at August 14, 2005 12:47 PM