August 27, 2005

Workshop: Nanotech-Biology Interface

The Center for Science, Technology & Public Policy at the Humphrey Institute of the University of Minnesota will host a workshop on September 15, 2005 to explore and evaluate models for the oversight of nanotechnology, with a focus on nanoparticles that are used in or derived from biological systems.

Nanotechnology; morever, *technology has always been a fascinating subject. And with my newfound interest in oncology and cancer research, the biological aspect of it seems very intriguing. Not only will there be speakers overviewing nanotech in "biological systems", but there will also be discussions pertaining to the moral, ethical, and legal aspects pertaining to the nature of this scientific research. I admit that I, like many other scientists I know, am not too crazy about this subject. I like science, and think that researching cures for diseases that will last for the rest of our species' existence is much more humantarian than being too afraid of the moral repercussions to touch the issue. But then, the only reason why bioethics fuels such a hot debate is because there are valid points of argument to each side. So I digress.

I'm in a bit of a jam because some of the workshop conflicts with my school schedule. I actually considered emailing my Physics and Math professors (as they are the ones whose courses I would miss) about it, and see if I could afford missing their classes for a day as they are only discussion blocks. Needless to say, this workshop will be spectacular and I anticipate it with much eagerness.

Posted by magnu225 at 4:13 PM