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Entomology Department Celebrates 125 Years

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The University of Minnesota's department of Entomology turned 125 years old this year!

To celebrate, the department held a banquet in October which was attended by current faculty, students, and staff as well as alumni. Well-known entomologist Mae Barenbaum (who even has an X-Files character named after her) served as the keynote speaker.

The Natural Resources Library also attended the event, bringing with various treasures from our rare book collection, including materials that we acquired from Father Francis Jager (an entomologist who specialized in bees) in the early 1900s, such as a 1634 book on beekeeping, entitled "The Ordering of Bees, or, The True History of Managing Them From Time To Time, With Their Honey and Wax Showing Their Nature and Breed" by John Levitt.

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We also featured several books with beautiful hand drawn plates, such as "Entomology of Australia" by George Robert Grey (from 1833) and "Genera of Diurnal Lepidoptera" illustrated by W.C. Hewitson (1846). Finally, several items from the first Minnesota state entomologist, Otto Lugger, were highlighted, such as his field notes and personal scrapbook.

Many of these items are currently on display in the Natural Resources Library.

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