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Flashcard Apps

As exams seem to be happening every other week during this part of the semester, I thought I would share some of my favorite flashcard apps for studying.

  • Evernote Peek: This app works with an iPad's smart cover. You peek at the corner for the question, then if you lift it further you get the answer. You even can include images (think of those plant identification quizzes), and audio (for language exams).

  • Chegg Flashcards: Create different stacks for your courses, and easily move through all of them through swiping on your iPhone or iPod.

  • Brainscape: It similar to the others on the iPad that allow you to create your own flashcards and swipe through them. However, they take it a step further and you can purchase decks on various subjects through their library.

  • StudyBlue: This is a good app for the basics, though with the free version you can't change the font or delete cards from your deck. If you upgrade you can share decks with friends. Available on all mobile devices.

Good luck with the rest of your semester!