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Data Management Workshops - RCR Credit

The University Libraries are here to assist you with research data management issues including data sharing and digital curation. These workshops offer tools and solutions for creation, storage, analysis, dissemination, and preservation of your research data.

More info and signup links at https://www.lib.umn.edu/datamanagement/workshops

Managing Your Research Data

Remember when all our data could fit on a flash drive and if you lost it on the bus, no problem, you can just start over? Those days are over! The digital research data that we generate is complex, messy, in obscure formats, and, there is a lot of it! How can we ensure that the data we create for our research will be usable in 5, 10, or 20 years? In this workshop we will identify data management resources available to you at the UMN and discuss key considerations and best practices to help you manage the data deluge.

Creating a Data Management Plan

Federal funding agencies (NSF, NIH, etc.) now require a data management plans with all new grant proposals. This workshop will provide an overview of the questions to consider when creating a data management plan with a focus on data preservation issues and tools for sharing your data, like the University's digital repository, the University Digital Conservancy. This workshop is discussion-based and we work through each of the data management topics via group and paired activities.

Primarily intended for faculty, researchers and graduate students engaged in the scholarly writing and publishing process. Satisfies RCR continuing education awareness/discussion requirements.