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What to do with copier, cash to card or printer problems

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Cash to Card

If our Cash to Card machine is malfunctioning call the UCard office at 6-9900. Ask for either Mary or Sarah and give them our location and a brief explanation of what is wrong with the machine. According to the UCard office, the estimated time until service is about 2-3 hours after your call. Let patrons know that the machine is not working, that you have called in about the problem and that it should be fixed in the next couple of hours. You can also refer them to the cash to card machine in the St. Paul student center.

If a patron loses card value or cash due to machine malfunction, or because of a problem with the card itself, a cash refund must be obtained through the UCard office. If a patron still needs to copy or print, offer the use of courtesy card (If you don't know where these are please ask a supervisor).


Most of the problems with the copiers we are now expected to repair ourselves. If there is a paper jam, do your best to find the location of the jam and remove the paper. If you are having problems locating the paper jam, ask for the help of a supervisor. If the copier runs out of paper it is your responsibility to refill it. The paper for the copier is located on the first floor. If you need additional instructions feel free to ask. Any other problems such as, the copier being out of toner or offline, can be passed on the Amy Gmur or Amy Boemer (check the phone list). If neither of the Amys are available, contact the supervisor on duty. Most importantly, If the problem is beyond a quick fix, put up an out of order sign (located in the drawer to the left of the phone).


The Uniprint procedures are almost the same as the copier's. If paper runs out you can refill it. The paper for the Uniprint is behind the reference desk. For any other problems contact Amy Gmur or Amy Boemer. Once again, if you can reach one of the Amys, ask your supervisor.

If money is lost during printing, you can let them use a courtesy card. If it is a large amount of money, get their contact information and how much money lost and give the information to your supervisor.

Hopefully, this post has been a nice review of what to do when faced with an equipment problem. Remember, next time you have a problem with cash to card, copiers or uniprint and you are not sure what to do, check the blog and see if you can answer your questions here.


Welcome - Introduction to Magrath Circ Blog

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This blog has been created to enhance and simplify communication throughout Magrath circulation and stacks.

Student staff will be required to read this blog when arriving at work. It will be bookmarked on all circulation terminals. There may be some entries that will require you to comment as to indicate that you have read the information.

-When a comment is required please show that you've read it by leaving your first name and last initial

All students are encouraged to comment and post entries. Please feel comfortable posting concerns as well as fun tidbits. When posting an entry you will be required to select a category that best fits the entry. This is an open forum. However, because the blog is open to anyone who has the Internet, there are some confidentiality concerns.

- Never use patrons' names or any other information that might specifically describe a patron.

- When voicing concerns, please write about the situation that concerns you rather than a specific person's actions.

- Keep in mind that this is open to the public. Do not put up anything that could potentially offend other people to read. Do not give out any information that could be harmful to themselves or others.

Please use common sense and common courtesy. If any of these rules are broken the entry will be removed from the blog. However, feel comfortable sharing your opinions and comments. They are valued and will be greatly appreciated. Also check out the links to the right. Part of the blog's purpose is to have a lot information in one spot that is easily accessible. If there is anything else you think would be helpful to have a link to, let us know.

Please leave your first name and last initial as a comment once you have read and understood the rules and purpose of the Magrath Circulation blog. If you have further question feel free to leave comments.


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