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ID Reminder

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Hello all,

I wanted to remind everyone that while looking up someone in Aleph you need to have a UCard or some other form of ID. If they don't have a UCard please look them up either by student ID#, x-500, or by name. If looking someone up by name please verify their address or middle name in order to be sure that you have the correct person. Recently a number of books were checked out to a patron who did not actually check out those books. It happened that the books were checked out to someone with the same first and last name, but a different address and middle name. Please be sure you know who you are looking up.


Salary Reports

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Every once and awhile a patron will ask to see the salary reports for the University of Minnesota. They used to print all of the reports, however, recently they have all been moved online. Here are the instructions of how to direct patrons to the salary reports. Once again, it hardly ever comes up, but if it does instructions are now available for you here.

Salary information is available on the UM Reports website for use by University faculty and staff. To use it:

1. Go to http://www.umreports.umn.edu
2. Click on User Login. You will be prompted for your University Internet ID (referred to there as your X.500 ID) and password.
3. You will need to read and agree to the University's privacy policies.
4. Click on the Search Reports tab.
5. Set the Filter By Category box to HR & Payroll and the SubCategory to HR Reports.
6. Find Personnel Basic Information in the alphabetical results list, and click on it.
7. Click on Select an Area.
8. Select the department or area in which you are interested, and follow the prompts.
9. To find average salaries for a job classification, search UM Reports for "Job Code Average Salary."

For specific, short-answer lookups (no more than three per user per day), email to AskUs:


If summary or trend data is needed, contact the Office of Institutional Research to arrange for assistance: (612) 624-4851.

The homepage for OIR is at:


(this info was found at http://faq.lib.umn.edu/public/showRecord.pl?kbrecordid=122&mode=public)


1) Online salary reports can only be accessed by members of the UofM community (faculty, staff) who have an x500 login.

2) Most student x500's do NOT allow access to the salary reports

3) We do not have "guest" logins. And never let someone use your x500 to login to the system.


Student Staff Work Rules

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Welcome back,

Here is a link to the Magrath student work rules. It might be good to review these rules at the beginning of the semester.

Download file

Two Reminders

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There are two things I would like to remind everyone about:

1. If you are the first person on stacks for the day please shelve whatever is there no matter how small a number of items. Similarly if you are the last person on stacks for the day please shelve everything before you leave.

2. Keep the desk area clean of notes and other debris. When you desk time is up please straighten up the desk and remove any papers or notes that no longer need to be there.


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