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Study Carrel 292

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I wanted to let everyone know/remind everyone about the study carrel that can be checked out on the second floor. Although most of the study carrels are checked out on a per semester basis there is one, 292, that can be checked out for the day. This room is small and is not able to hold more than one person, so for multiple people you will still want to direct them towards checking out B55 downstairs which can hold several people.

The key for study carrel 292 is in the drawer with the other keys under the phone. The key is labeled and barcoded so please use Aleph to check out the key to patrons. Also, if someone checks it out, like a laptop or room B55, please remind them to return it several minutes before we close or they may be charged overdue fines. Let me, Elisabeth, or Steve know if you have any questions.


Name Tags

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This entry is to remind everyone to wear their name tags while at work. Clearly identiying yourself as a library worker is a really essential part of customer service, so please remember to wear your name tags. Thanks


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