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Non-emergency building problems -- contact list

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Hello everyone,

As most of you know, this weekend there was a problem with Magrath's main elevator -- for some reason it wasn't functioning properly, and it had to be closed off for the entire weekend. Thanks to Leonie for reporting this problem.

If you are ever working a solo shift -- evening, weekend, weekday when all full-time staff are gone -- and you have a similar non-emergency building problem, here is the call "chain of command":

  1. First, call University Facilities Management at 612-624-2900 (or 4-2900 from the Circulation phone).

  2. f no one answers, or if the response is unsatisfactory, next call Bernadette Corley Troge. Her home number -- which you should try first -- is 651-488-9820; her cell is 612-202-4681; and her pager is 612-640-1774.*

  3. After the problem has been resolved/a decision has been made as to how to proceed, please give Steve, Nick, Perry, and myself a quick notification via email regarding the problem and any decisions that have been made.

What sorts of problems will you need these numbers for?

  • No electricity in the building

  • Elevator issues (like we had this weekend!)

  • Minor water leaks

If you have any questions at all regarding the emergency procedures for Magrath Library, please be sure to consult our Building Emergency Procedures binder (small white binder with green paper liners; located by the telephone and phone books).

As always, if you have any questions at this point in time, please be sure to ask Steve, Nick, Perry, or myself -- we're always happy to help!

Thanks again,



* For instructions on contacting someone via pager, see Don't worry, I didn't know how to do this before looking it up, either!

AMAZING work by the student staff this weekend!

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Hello all!

I wanted to give a big, public THANK YOU to the student staff this weekend for gracefully handling a complicated situation. Leonie, Danielle, Jade, Lexie, and Sean all managed to keep the library running smoothly on Saturday and Sunday despite a defunct elevator. Thanks especially to Leonie and Lexie for communicating with Bernadette, our contact for building emergencies, and keeping the full-time staff informed as well. You guys are all awesome!

I feel very lucky to work in a library with such great student staff. Thanks for handling this situation so competently!


Display Case

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Hey everyone,

This is a reminder post about the small display box across from the Circulation Desk. (The display is currently about cows -- if you haven't seen it yet, you should check it out!) The items in the display case are available for check-out; this key is in the lock box with the others.

If a patron does ask to check out an item on display, please be careful when opening the case. Please hold on to the door as you open it -- otherwise it could swing forward fairly quickly and the glass could shatter.

If you have any questions about the display case -- or just need to see the case in order to understand how it works (I'm right there with you) -- please come and ask Nick, Perry, or me. We're always happy to answer questions!

Thanks, as always!


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