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Advertising in the Library

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Just wanted to write a quick reminder that the Libraries do not allow advertising inside the building. Evidently a company called has been leaving coupons in Walter, WIlson, and Andersen Libraries. So if this happens in Magrath -- if you do see promotional materials for a non-University affiliated entity (like Red Bull or -- please collect the fliers/materials and fill out an incident report.

To file an incident report, search for "incident report" on the main library webpage. It should take you to the following link:

Be sure to include as much information as you can!

Thanks in advance.

Finals week schedule -- please comment

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Hello everyone,

If you have not done so already, please be sure to check When2Work for your finals week schedule. If you have any questions or concerns about your schedule for the next few weeks, please contact Steve, Nick, or myself as soon as possible.

Please comment on the post to let us know that you've read this post and looked at your schedule!



PS -- I hope that the lead-up to finals has been good to you guys! I hope you're hanging in there okay -- remember, just two more weeks till Christmas break! Yay!

Seizure awareness

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Hi all,

Here's an interesting reminder from the Epilepsy Foundation of MN about the prevalence of epilepsy, even on our own campus. Please take a moment to read through this letter and surf around on the Epilepsy Foundation's website.

One final note: Magrath does have a defibrillator in case it is needed. It's located outside of the library proper, across from the display cases in the library entrance-way. I hope we'll never have an occasion to use it, but if we do, that's where you'll find it.

If you have any safety-related questions, always feel free to ask us! It's always better to be informed of procedures ahead of time, rather than trying to figure them out during an emergency . . .



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