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Hi everyone!

I'm hoping to get an internship this summer and to practice writing Elisabeth suggested that I do a few posts in the blog. So here it goes!

I read the Daily every day and today the main article was the "Tatro v. University of Minnesota". Did anyone else read this? It's basically about this woman, Amanda Tatro, who is a Mortuary Science major that posted statuses on Facebook that were called "threatening" and the posts went against some rules under a program she was in. Tatro talked about stabbing someone in the neck and the cadavers that she worked on. Her argument is that they were just jokes and sarcasm. She had an excuse for all of her posts on Facebook. Her argument is that it is free speech and she should be able to post or say whatever she wants. While the university is saying that those kind of "threats" should not be taken lightly, especially after recent university shootings around the United States.

More people are taking interest in this particular subject since this could affect any university. If University of Minnesota wins, does this mean we have to sensor what we say so we do not get into trouble? Or if Tatro wins, does this mean the U should not take somewhat threatening posts seriously?

Comments are welcome! :)

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