Welcome back!

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Okay, okay, so I know everyone's been in class for a while now, but I haven't gotten a chance to welcome you all back! I hope your semesters are treating you well so far. Anyone have any particularly interesting classes? Professors? Let me know in the comments!

I just wanted to reiterate the purpose of this blog -- it is (obviously) a place to convey information about Magrath Library Circulation and other things you may need to know as you work here. Additionally, you are more then welcome to write posts of your own, regarding issues/questions/concerns you've come up with at the Circ desk/in the stacks, pleading for a sub, sharing some interesting tidbit you've found . . . If you want to share, we want it on the blog! (Jade, thanks for posting about the Nordic Lights Film Festival -- we'll be sure to check it out!)

Please feel free to come and chat with Nick, Steve, or myself if you have any questions about the blog. I'll be working diligently this semester to keep it updated!

Happy beginning of the semester (kind of)! :)


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