Book removal at Magrath

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Hi all,

Just a reminder that the NRL student workers will be removing a bunch of items from our stacks in the upcoming weeks. As Nick mentioned, a significant number of books and journals are coming to us from EFW and Forestry, and we need to make room for them in our shelves.

If a patron needs a book and is not able to find it in the stacks, be sure to encourage them to request the item via GetIt -- that's the best bet of getting the book in a timely manner!

Finally, if patrons are concerned that we're removing books from our collection, please assure them that we're not getting rid of anything that isn't duplicated in the U of M Libraries system (for example, that is present in another library [e.g. Wilson or Walter] or to which we have online access).

Please don't hesitate to ask Nick or myself if you have any questions!

Happy almost spring break!!!


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