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24 Hour Study Space in Wilson and BioMed

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Just a heads-up that Wilson and BioMed are offering 24 hour study space beginning this week.* Walter will offer 24 hour study space beginning on May 4 (the same day Magrath begins our extended hours). If panicky patrons start asking where they should go to pull an all-nighter before finals, point them toward Wilson and BioMed!

Any questions? Feel free to ask, as always.

Happy almost finals (yikes!)


* This is not to say that the library proper will be open -- just spaces, away from the collection, with tables/chairs to study.

Student Profile: Brenna Malovrh

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Brenna Malovrh is the third victim -- ahem, senior -- to be profiled on the blog. Brenna mostly works in the branch libraries on the Hill, but this past semester she's been spending some quality time with us here in Magrath. We'll be sad to see her go in a few weeks, but it's been a pleasure to work with her for the past few months! Read on to learn more about Brenna . . .


Basic info: where are you from? What are you studying? What year are you in school?

I grew up in a smaller city in central Wisconsin called Marshfield, so coming to the cities was a big change for me! This is my senior year at the U of M, and I am finishing up my three-focus degree in Public Health, Mass Communication, and Design through the Inter-College Program.

What do you like to do in your down time?

If I have down time, I really enjoy baking, exploring more of the cities, and just hanging out with friends. When I'm home, I love taking my puppies for walks and watching my little brother play his many sports. You might even find me at a rummage sale, too - never know what kind of cool things you might find!

Why did you apply to work at a library?

Since I was on Saint Paul campus a lot during my freshman year, I started looking for a job that was close to class. Lucky for me, the EFW library was hiring. Though at first it was just to earn money, I have come to really love working at the libraries. The people you meet and develop friendships with are the most rewarding part of the job.

Tell me a little bit about working up on the Hill versus working down here at Magrath. How do your shifts differ between the branches and Magrath? What are your favorite parts of each shift?

Working at EFW, I recognize almost everyone in the library. At Magrath, I see new people everyday I'm there. Either way, the new and regular people I see are always great to talk with and help.

What is your favorite band to see live, and how many times have you seen them in concert?

A band I really like is The Script. Last August was the only time I have seen them in concert, but they were amazing! I got seats three rows from the front, and lucky for me, I got to meet them after the show!

What's the worst joke you've heard recently?

Hmm... I tend to laugh at almost anything, so I don't remember a joke that was so bad I didn't enjoy it.

If you won a million dollars, what is the first thing you'd buy, and why?

I would buy a house down in Florida, and then purchase a lifetime pass to Disney World (if they let me). For the number of times my family has been there - and plans to go there - I think this would be cheaper in the long run.

AND FINALLY: If you were a kitchen utensil, what would you be?

I think I would be a blender - I like to mix it up once in a while and try something new!

Kirchner Collection Blog

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Reference Librarian Megan Kocher has developed a really cool resource to support our Kirchner Cookbook collection: the Kirchner Collection Blog! So far, the blog features a number of recipes from cookbooks in our collection. It's a fun read, and is also really interesting to see what types of cookbooks we have! (Being a native Minnesotan, I particularly loved her post "Hot Dish Then and Now."

I'd highly recommend checking this out -- again, it's a really interesting read, and perhaps something to tell patrons who want to know more about the collection . . .

PS -- who knew we had 6+ Playboy cookbooks?!

Unbound journals

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Hey all,

Reminder: we do not circulate unbound journals, generally speaking. If the journal isn't bound (usually in red/grey/black/blue hardcover), and a block pops up when the patron tries to check it out, this item probably should not circulate. Please do not override any of these blocks -- come and ask Nick or me.

Thanks much, as always!


Magrath Library is on Twitter!

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Follow the library at @Magrath Library!

Also, if you have any ideas about what we should be tweeting, please let me know -- I'd love to get your input!

Happy Tuesday,


Hours for Easter Weekend

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Our hours for this weekend will remain as scheduled -- we're not closing at all for the holiday! Patrons will probably ask about this, so just in case, here are our hours again:

Satuday: 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

Sunday: 12 noon-10 p.m.

Let me know if you have any further questions,


New Staff Equipment

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Hey everyone,

Just a follow-up to Nick's email, but I wanted to remind you that there are two new pieces of equipment available for staff check-out here at Magrath:

  • A "snowball microphone"

  • A "presenter kit"

These items are located in the bottom right flipper, near the student area/Nick's desk. (And remember, this flipper is locked -- if you're not sure which key to use, come ask!)

One final note -- this equipment is only for staff. Please do not circulate these items to students, even if they ask for it.



DVD Circulations

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Hello everyone,

Please be sure to check inside circulating DVD cases to make sure that the disc is returned along with the case! We would hate to put a disc-less DVD back on the shelves and not figure the problem out until the next person wants to check it out . . .

If you do happen to find a DVD without a disc, please bring the item to Nick or myself as soon as possible.

Thanks for your attention to this matter.


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