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Changes in Magrath Circulation Desk Area

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There has been a large change of how things are arranged in the circulation desk area at Magrath. This current arrangement is temporary until the new setup for the combined information desk is created soon before the fall semester begins. There will be another change at that point and I will let everyone know where things have gone. Currently the book preshelves, reserves, and bound journals have been placed into the shelves where the bound periodicals were previously. Unbound journals and the toner for the printers has been put on the bindery shelves on the wall to the left of Steve's office door. The hold shelves, government document preshelves, and the Get It shelf are still on their side of that same stack. The stack in which the books and reserves were previously will be completely removed so do not place anything on those shelves. The small stack near the old reference desk will also be removed so do not place anything on it. Once again, when things change again I will let everyone know. Also, if you have any questions about where things are currently or where they belong ask.

Magrath Study Room B55 Now Available Again

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Now that the back of the library has been freed from construction and rooms 2 and 81 are now available for staff meetings again the basement study room B55 is once again available for check out by patrons. The orange sheets that must be filled out when it is checked out have been placed out near the daily desk schedule once again. Please let Nick or Steve know if there are any questions or problems.

Magrath Study Room Temporary Change

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Due to the loss of the Room 2 and Room 81 for staff meetings and other use we have temporarily removed patron check out access to the basement study room B55. This room will only be used by library staff for meetings until we are once again able to the previous meeting rooms. The clipboard with the forms that are filled out has been removed to further the fact that the room is currently unavailable. There is a sign posted on the door updating patrons to this. If you receive inquiries about other areas available for group use or study space point them to the rooms in the SMART Commons or to the meeting room in the Plant Pathology Library. Ask Steve or Nick if you have any questions.

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