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Hello all,

If you ever work the Circulation Desk at 6 p.m. or close (whichever comes first), please be sure to NOTE GATE COUNTS! Here's what that entails:

  • Library gate count -- display is located near the bottom of the inside security gate (closest to the Circulation Desk)

  • SMART Commons gate count -- display is on a small grey box directly inside the SMART area, right outside of the up/down gate

  • Extended Study Area (ESA) gate count -- another small grey box, located downstairs to the left of the doors leading to the Buford Ave. parking ramp. The counter is positioned directly underneath the handicap access button.

Please enter the Library gate count on the main schedule, and the SMART/ESA counts on the designated spreadsheet (yellow/blue columns). If you have any questions about this, PLEASE ask Nick, Steve, or me and we would be more than happy to go over it with you.

Thanks for your attention to this issue,


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