Policy for Leaving Branch Libraries When Alone for Restroom Use

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There are times at the Plant Pathology Library, Veterinary Medical Library, and Natural Resources Library in which you'll have to leave the library to go to the bathroom when there is no other student worker or staff member there. Because of the amount of time staff are in these locations and the fact that there are two students for evening and weekend shifts this should not be a common occurrence. If it does occur put out the sign which states you'll be back in five minutes, close the office doors, and be sure to be back in shortly. Be sure to stow your own valuables in the offices so that they are secure. This should not be a common occurrence but know that you are able to do so. For those of you who work in the Natural Resources Library please speak with Amy Gmur or Nick Fugate about what you should do if a patron wants an item retrieved from the closed stacks while you are alone. If you have any questions about this please let Nick Fugate know. If you need to know where the nearest bathroom is in Borlaug Hall, Hodson Hall, or in the Veterinary Sciences Building please ask staff there so you know where to go.

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