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Circulation Desk Staffing Temporary Changes

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Due to the reconfiguration of the circulation desk at Magrath there will only be one computer station this Monday (10/29) through part of Wednesday (10/31). During the time of day when there would be two people at the desk, a student and a staff member, there will only be one student at the desk. During this time use Google Talk or the phone to reach an available staff member if you need assistance at the desk.

Happy Open Access Week!

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October 21-27 is Open Access Week!

In case you've never heard of it, Open Access refers to free online public access to the published results of research. There are many different ways of achieving Open Access, and many different funding models; and Open Access benefits authors as well as other scholars & researchers.

We will help celebrate Open Access Week at Magrath by placing an orange "Open Access" bookmark in every book checked out at the Circulation Desk. Please be sure to remember these bookmarks -- we'll have them handy at both computers.

If patrons have any questions about Open Access, direct them to: http://z.umn.edu/openaccess

If you have any questions about this, please ask Nick, Steve, or Elisabeth.

Unbound Journal Circulation at Vet Med

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Unbound journals are circulated at the Veterinary Medical Library. This is only location in St. Paul that normally circulates unbound journals. If there is an insistent inquiry about checking out an unbound journal at Magrath Library, Natural Resources Library, or Plant Pathology Library it may only be allowed by a supervisor.

In the Veterinary Medical Library you may check out an unbound journal to anyone with borrowing privileges. The manual circulation forms are to the right of the circulation desk in the top of the file tower next to the routing slips. These forms say "Magrath Manual Circulation" and should be completely filled out. The patron information including library number must be put on the form along with your initials and the relevant information about the unbound journal. If the unbound journal has a barcode on it write that on the manual form, but do not check out the unbound journal in Aleph. Unbound journals that are marked "current" are one day loans. Older unbound journals are one week loans. When an unbound journal is returned write "returned" and your initials on the manual form near where the due date was written and put the manual sheet in Lisa's office or give it directly to her. If anyone has questions ask Nick Fugate or Lisa Berg.

Voter Registration

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We are asking for your help in making our student employees aware of the voter registration drive taking place in the Libraries. Voter registration forms are available at all of the main service desks in the TC campus libraries, including all Branch locations and the Law Library. Completed forms will be delivered to the Secretary State's Office on a weekly basis.

Answers to common questions about how to register, where to vote, proof of residence needed at the polling place, and voting absentee can be found at: www.lib.umn.edu/vote.

On the library voting information page, an "I will Vote " pledge may be submitted to become eligible for one of two $20.00 iTunes card (in order to be eligible for the drawing a contact email address must be provided - email will not display)

Deadline to pre-register for the election is October 16.

In this election voters will help elect a new president, and in Minnesota we'll be voting to elect an entire state legislature, eight members of the U.S. House of Representatives, a U.S. Senator, numerous other local elected positions, and on two proposed amendments to our State Constitution. Please help spread the word on registering to vote, whether the person is registering for the first time, or registering at a new address.

Thanks - Jerrie Bayer and Jim Stemper (Library Voter Registration Drive coordinators)

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