Unbound Journal Circulation at Vet Med

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Unbound journals are circulated at the Veterinary Medical Library. This is only location in St. Paul that normally circulates unbound journals. If there is an insistent inquiry about checking out an unbound journal at Magrath Library, Natural Resources Library, or Plant Pathology Library it may only be allowed by a supervisor.

In the Veterinary Medical Library you may check out an unbound journal to anyone with borrowing privileges. The manual circulation forms are to the right of the circulation desk in the top of the file tower next to the routing slips. These forms say "Magrath Manual Circulation" and should be completely filled out. The patron information including library number must be put on the form along with your initials and the relevant information about the unbound journal. If the unbound journal has a barcode on it write that on the manual form, but do not check out the unbound journal in Aleph. Unbound journals that are marked "current" are one day loans. Older unbound journals are one week loans. When an unbound journal is returned write "returned" and your initials on the manual form near where the due date was written and put the manual sheet in Lisa's office or give it directly to her. If anyone has questions ask Nick Fugate or Lisa Berg.

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