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Plant Path Printer

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(Try saying that three times fast!)

There have been some problems with the printer in Plant Path -- namely, that the CBORD (the thing where you swipe your UCard) screen is going blank. It is still able to read the cards, but there is no indication on the CBORD itself that the card is recognized.

Fortunately there's a quick fix to this problem. If you have this happen during one of your shifts, look at the back of the CBORD -- there's a large-ish black and silver connector cable in the middle. Try jiggling the connector back and forth, and then finally push it as far as it will go into the back of the box. We'll work on permanently fixing this problem soon, but for now, we'll go the low-tech route.

Please ask Elisabeth if you have any questions about this issue!

Unending gate counts

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Bad news . . . .

Due to the malfunctioning gate counter in the SMART Commons this week, we need to re-do the gate counts in the SMART, starting on Sunday, November 11. I appreciate your willingness to take yet another week of gate counts -- thanks, as always, for your patience!



Plant Pathology CFANS Laptop Cabinet Moved

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The cabinet for the CFANS laptops at the Plant Pathology Library has been moved into the office behind the circulation desk so that we do not disturb patrons using the meeting room when we retrieve a laptop. This change more closely aligns Plant Pathology to how the laptops are used at the Natural Resources Library. If you must step away from the Plant Pathology desk close the door to the office so that the laptops and their cases are out of public access. There may be further changes to the exact location of the cabinet at a further date.

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