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GovDocs Update

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All the state documents that have been in the Magrath basement since the NRL Consolidation are now interfiled with the Magrath State docs up on 2nd floor. Congratulations and thank you to Wendy and her students for getting this job done!

However, while the former EFW/Forestry state docs are actually located upstairs, some of them may still think they are in the closed stacks (MAGR CLS in Aleph). Disregard this status -- they are upstairs, we promise.

Questions? Leave a comment or ask a full-time staff member.

Incident Report

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Hi all,

Here's a link to the Incident Report form:

Please be sure to use this if there are ANY unusual situations in the library -- attempted theft, sketchy patron, or anything that you think Libraries security should know about. When in doubt, fill it out!

And as always, please see a student supervisor if you have any questions.

Happy almost-break!


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