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Hey all,

So I nerded out at one of the candidate's presentations a few weeks ago when she mentioned a great site designed by the MIT Libraries. Several librarians compiled a list of apps that can aid academic performance, broken down into several different categories (including "Productivity," "Library Research," "Writing," and more!)

Check it out here:


Student Profile: Sean Schultz

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sean1.jpgOne of the best things about working at Magrath, in my opinion, is the opportunity to work with such great student workers! I wanted a chance to highlight, in my own humble way, the fantastic talent we have in the Circulation department. I'll be doing interviews with our senior-most student workers for the rest of the semester and posting them on the blog.

First up is Sean Schultz, who has been working at Magrath since he was a freshman. Sean routinely staffs some of the most difficult shifts to fill, including summers and Sunday nights, and is a friendly and knowledgeable presence at the desk. We'll miss Sean when he graduates this spring, but we're glad to have him for a few more months! Read on to see the full interview . . .

Well Sean, tell us a little bit about yourself! Where are you from? What year are you in school and what are you studying?
Morris, MN. I am a super! senor studying communication and music. I really love taking music classes. My favorite part is learning the theory aspect of music. It has really helped me when writing my own music.

What do you like to do in your down time?
In my free time I enjoy playing music, reading, and relaxing with my two dogs!

Why did you apply to work at a library (and why Magrath, specifically)?
My mom actually suggested I apply to work at a library. I went to the job fair my first semester and Magrath hired me there.

What is your favorite shift to work in Magrath and why?
The night shift on Sunday is great because I can get a lot of homework done...or me and Giovanni talk about how bad the Minnesota sports teams are...

What is your favorite band to see live, and how many times have you seen them in concert?
Hmmm....I would have to say that would be Radiohead. I saw them once at Lollapalooza in 2008 and it was amazing!

What is your favorite way to kill time at the Circulation Desk?
Homework. But I would say that keeping up the sports news is actually my favorite way to kill time on desk. I follow the Vikings and Timberwolves most, but I also like to keep up boxing and soccer.

What's the worst joke you've heard recently?
My roommate keeps telling a terrible Star Wars "your mom" joke. It goes: Your mom is so dumb she thought Jar-Jar came with Pickles-Pickles. Its pretty bad and I am sick of hearing it...

If you won a million dollars, what is the first thing you'd buy, and why?
I would buy an awesome, brand new guitar amp.

AND FINALLY: If you were a kitchen utensil, what would you be?
I think last time I said I would be a frying pan, but now I see myself as more of a fork. The best utensil ever, in my opinion.

AMAZING work by the student staff this weekend!

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Hello all!

I wanted to give a big, public THANK YOU to the student staff this weekend for gracefully handling a complicated situation. Leonie, Danielle, Jade, Lexie, and Sean all managed to keep the library running smoothly on Saturday and Sunday despite a defunct elevator. Thanks especially to Leonie and Lexie for communicating with Bernadette, our contact for building emergencies, and keeping the full-time staff informed as well. You guys are all awesome!

I feel very lucky to work in a library with such great student staff. Thanks for handling this situation so competently!


Sean Schultz

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This year we are going to start doing student and staff interviews! I am really excited to get started with this project and hopefully every week you can read up on a co-worker. Our first interview is with Sean Schultz.


Sean has worked at Magrath Library for a year. He quickly grown to be a vital part of our student staff. He is the person you can call on to work lonely shifts like Martin Luther King Day when the library is the only building open on the St. Paul campus. He is originally from Morris, MN and is entering his sophomore year as a journalism major.

Sean is very involved in music. His musical interest is eclectic. Currently playing on his ipod is rapper Mos Def. When I asked Sean what book he would bring to read if he was stuck with a ten hour shift at Magrath, he said he would bring the Miles Davis biography that he is currently reading. He also plays in a local rock band called Diseration Honey

What is your favorite movie?

I would have to say Scarface. I even have the 1932 version on DVD. It is not my favorite version but I own it on DVD.

If you could suggest something to do in the city, what would it be?

They should ride the 16 bus (he laughs). Just ride that around and you'll see plenty of different people and things. Ride it to First Ave that is the best.

If you could be any kitchen utensil, what would you be and why?

That is a hard question. I would be a frying pan because I like to use it. I like to make rice.
Wait, rice? How do you cook rice in a frying pan?
You know like stir fry and stuff like that.

Oh, you mean instant rice?

Oh, of course.

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