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Plant Pathology CFANS Laptop Cabinet Moved

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The cabinet for the CFANS laptops at the Plant Pathology Library has been moved into the office behind the circulation desk so that we do not disturb patrons using the meeting room when we retrieve a laptop. This change more closely aligns Plant Pathology to how the laptops are used at the Natural Resources Library. If you must step away from the Plant Pathology desk close the door to the office so that the laptops and their cases are out of public access. There may be further changes to the exact location of the cabinet at a further date.

Hours for Easter Weekend

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Our hours for this weekend will remain as scheduled -- we're not closing at all for the holiday! Patrons will probably ask about this, so just in case, here are our hours again:

Satuday: 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

Sunday: 12 noon-10 p.m.

Let me know if you have any further questions,


Book removal at Magrath

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Hi all,

Just a reminder that the NRL student workers will be removing a bunch of items from our stacks in the upcoming weeks. As Nick mentioned, a significant number of books and journals are coming to us from EFW and Forestry, and we need to make room for them in our shelves.

If a patron needs a book and is not able to find it in the stacks, be sure to encourage them to request the item via GetIt -- that's the best bet of getting the book in a timely manner!

Finally, if patrons are concerned that we're removing books from our collection, please assure them that we're not getting rid of anything that isn't duplicated in the U of M Libraries system (for example, that is present in another library [e.g. Wilson or Walter] or to which we have online access).

Please don't hesitate to ask Nick or myself if you have any questions!

Happy almost spring break!!!


Book theft at BioMed and potential media attention


**EDIT: Please check out the comments of this entry as well!**

Hey everyone,

If you haven't heard/seen already, there is an ongoing investigation regarding several cases of book theft at the BioMed library. Here are some links to the story in the news:

Just in case on the off chance that we get anyone -- from the media or otherwise -- coming to Magrath and asking about this story, please come and grab Steve, Nick, or myself. If we're not around, let the individual(s) know that we are not allowed to comment on ongoing investigations.

Thanks much,


Natural Resource Library (NRL) FAQ

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Hey all,

As you all know by now, Forestry and EFW are combining to become the Natural Resources Library (or NRL). You may get some questions about the NRL while working at the Circ Desk or while working in the branch libraries. I've attached a document that outlines some "talking points" about the NRL -- essentially an FAQ sheet. Take a moment during your desk shift to peruse this document.

NB: The FAQ sheet is not intended to give out to the public -- please do not print out any copies! If a patron has further questions or concerns about the NRL, feel free to refer them to Philip Herold (his card is in the holder on the reference desk).

Questions? Leave them in the comments/shoot us an email!



NRL_Talking Points_1212 (1).docx

Magrath -- the U's 4th Sexiest Building (?!)


As you may have seen/heard, Magrath Library was named the U's 4th sexiest building (yep, you read that right) in the recent Sex-U-Mah edition of the MN Daily.

While on one hand I'm proud that Magrath is getting some recognition for being an awesome library, on the other I'm a little concerned that the Daily readers will begin to take fuller advantage of the building's nooks, crannies, and corners.

If you are up in the stacks and encounter some "amorous" patrons, please come get one of the full-time staff members or the security guard on duty. It is not your responsibility, as student staff, to approach these students; the full-time staff and/or the security guards will handle the situation.

Please feel free to comment, or email Nick, Steve, or myself, if you have any questions about this policy.


Student Video Contest

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Hi all,

Just wanted to let you know that the Friends of the Library is sponsoring a student video contest to promote U of M libraries. You may see people filming in the libraries; go ahead and grab Steve, Nick, a security guard, or myself if these patrons become disruptive.

Here's a link to the FAQ page for the contest. Please peruse the site when you have a minute:

Please ask/post a comment if you have ANY questions about this contest!

Happy Monday,


Finals week schedule -- please comment

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Hello everyone,

If you have not done so already, please be sure to check When2Work for your finals week schedule. If you have any questions or concerns about your schedule for the next few weeks, please contact Steve, Nick, or myself as soon as possible.

Please comment on the post to let us know that you've read this post and looked at your schedule!



PS -- I hope that the lead-up to finals has been good to you guys! I hope you're hanging in there okay -- remember, just two more weeks till Christmas break! Yay!

Welcome back to the blog! Part 2


Hello all!

I hope that you are all settling into the rhythm of the semester, and that your classes and work schedule are treating you well so far.

This post marks the (second) re-invigoration of the Magrath Circulation Blog. I would like to use the blog as a way for full-time staff members and student employees to connect about the day-to-day operations of the Magrath Circulation department. With this blog I would love to establish a stronger sense of community and more open lines of communication between the people that make this department happen.

While I (Elisabeth) will be the primary blog author, I want to reinforce the idea that you are always welcome, and even encouraged, to write a blog post! For example, if you know of a special event going on in the library and want to make others aware of it, or if you have a question for your fellow Magrath Circ student workers (or supervisors), go ahead and post it! We'll get around to answering/acknowledging the post in a timely manner.

Please comment on this post to show that you got a chance to read it! Also, if you have any ideas for features that you want to see in the blog (procedural questions, interviews with student workers or staff, or the occasional ridiculous link), let us know in your comment as well!

I look forward to communicating with you through this blog, and continuing to make it a lively, engaging, and useful conversational space.



Changes to Public Workstation Access

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Hello everyone,

Just a friendly reminder that over the summer we have implemented new public workstation access for the computers in Magrath. As an overview, our "regulars," community members WITHOUT a Friends of the Library (FoL) account will have 2 hours of internet access per day throughout the University Libraries; the two hour limit will re-set at midnight the following evening. There are in-depth Terms of Use and FAQ sheets in the filing cabinet by the Circ printer, so if the patron asks for more information you are welcome to give them those printouts! (Please let us know when we're running low so we can make more copies.)

Here's what these changes will mean for you, as Circulation Student Workers:

  • You may have to create new patron cards using CybraryN. Either Nick, Perry, or I will train you as to how to do this, and there is a cheat sheet right by the Circ 1 computer.

  • You may get patrons who are upset about these changes. Please come get a full-time staff person to deal with incensed patrons - there's no need for you to do so on your own.

  • If the patron wants more than 2 hours of internet access per day, they can purchase a Friends of the Library account for $80/year (individual) by visiting the Friends of the Libraries office in Wilson.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask one of the full-time staff members! As always, we're more than happy to help.



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