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Change to Desk Tracker

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There has been a small change to Desk Tracker that you all need to be aware of. There has been a "Borrowing Privileges and Fines" choice added to Desk Tracker in addition to the "Reference" and "Not Reference" options you are all very familiar with. When you take a fines payment, answer a question about fines or borrowing privileges, or otherwise deal in fines or borrowing privileges use this instead of "Not Reference" from now on and make sure to put a short entry in the text field with what you did. You should always be putting a brief, even as short as one or two words, entry in the text field for "Reference" and "Not Reference" too. If you wish to get across more information about a transaction use the "Notes" box on the right side. Ask Nick if you have any questions concerning Desk Tracker.

Cybrarian Registration Glitch

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As you may have noticed on one of the library public computers sometimes Cybrarian asks to be registered and there is nothing you can do to use the computer. In the past we have attempted to fix this issue by shutting down and restarting the computers. This does not work in these situations. If you are having this issue follow these steps: hit Ctrl+Alt+Del on the keyboard and choose "Log Off." This will cause the computer to restart and Cybrarian should register properly. If you have any questions let Nick know.

Plant Pathology CFANS Laptop Cabinet Moved

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The cabinet for the CFANS laptops at the Plant Pathology Library has been moved into the office behind the circulation desk so that we do not disturb patrons using the meeting room when we retrieve a laptop. This change more closely aligns Plant Pathology to how the laptops are used at the Natural Resources Library. If you must step away from the Plant Pathology desk close the door to the office so that the laptops and their cases are out of public access. There may be further changes to the exact location of the cabinet at a further date.

Unbound Journal Circulation at Vet Med

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Unbound journals are circulated at the Veterinary Medical Library. This is only location in St. Paul that normally circulates unbound journals. If there is an insistent inquiry about checking out an unbound journal at Magrath Library, Natural Resources Library, or Plant Pathology Library it may only be allowed by a supervisor.

In the Veterinary Medical Library you may check out an unbound journal to anyone with borrowing privileges. The manual circulation forms are to the right of the circulation desk in the top of the file tower next to the routing slips. These forms say "Magrath Manual Circulation" and should be completely filled out. The patron information including library number must be put on the form along with your initials and the relevant information about the unbound journal. If the unbound journal has a barcode on it write that on the manual form, but do not check out the unbound journal in Aleph. Unbound journals that are marked "current" are one day loans. Older unbound journals are one week loans. When an unbound journal is returned write "returned" and your initials on the manual form near where the due date was written and put the manual sheet in Lisa's office or give it directly to her. If anyone has questions ask Nick Fugate or Lisa Berg.

Policy for Leaving Branch Libraries When Alone for Restroom Use

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There are times at the Plant Pathology Library, Veterinary Medical Library, and Natural Resources Library in which you'll have to leave the library to go to the bathroom when there is no other student worker or staff member there. Because of the amount of time staff are in these locations and the fact that there are two students for evening and weekend shifts this should not be a common occurrence. If it does occur put out the sign which states you'll be back in five minutes, close the office doors, and be sure to be back in shortly. Be sure to stow your own valuables in the offices so that they are secure. This should not be a common occurrence but know that you are able to do so. For those of you who work in the Natural Resources Library please speak with Amy Gmur or Nick Fugate about what you should do if a patron wants an item retrieved from the closed stacks while you are alone. If you have any questions about this please let Nick Fugate know. If you need to know where the nearest bathroom is in Borlaug Hall, Hodson Hall, or in the Veterinary Sciences Building please ask staff there so you know where to go.

Checking In and Out Videos

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When checking out or returning a video, either a DVD or VHS, be sure to check that the actual disc or tape is inside the case so that we do not have something returned or checked out without the video in it. If you ever have an item returned without the video ask the patron, assuming they returned it to you by hand, where the video is otherwise give the case to me so that I may contact the patron. If there is no video inside a case at check out get the patron's name and tell them that if we locate the video we will put it on hold for them and direct them to use ILL to request the video and inform them that they should mention in their ILL request that the video is missing so that ILL does not tell them to check out our copy. Let Nick know if you have any questions.

Accepting Reserve Material

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Hello all,

As it is the beginning of the new semester, instructors are beginning to turn in new course reserve material at the circulation desk. Below are a few guidelines:

  • When I'm here, please call me to the Circulation desk to receive the materials, even if what they are dropping off seems straightforward to you. Please do this even if I seem to be busy or not officially on backup. (If I'm talking to another staff person, it is okay to interrupt - reserves are top priority for me.)
  • If I'm not here, go ahead and accept the new materials. Here is the minimum amount of information I need:

  • Course information (instructor, department, course number)

    Information about texts to go on reserve (title, author, edition if applicable). If they have holdings information about the book - like call number, barcode, etc - that would be helpful to know as well, but not necessary.

    If the professor seems at all confused about what information is needed, please have him or her fill out the "Course Reserve Request" form (located in the black filing cabinet to the right of the Circulation Printer).

    Place any requests in my Reserves Inbox, located next to the plant on my desk.

  • If I'm not here and an instructor has any questions about course reserve, offer them my business card and encourage them to contact me directly. Because of many reserves changes, it is probably better for you not to guess on the answers.

Thank you for your close attention to this matter! Please feel free to ask me if you have any questions, and please comment on this entry to let me know you've read it.

Happy new school year,


NRL Backup Keys at Plant Pathology Library

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A set of backup keys for the Natural Resources Library have been put in the Plant Pathology Library. Ask Sarah or whoever is in Plant Pathology for the keys which will be at the Plant Pathology circulation desk by the fax machine. These keys should only be used in case you do not have your NRL keys with you which should not happen with any regularity. There is also a set for both Plant Pathology and Natural Resources in Magrath, but those keys too should only be used in an emergency. If you use these keys return them promptly to the appropriate library. If you have keys issued to you it is very important that you keep them safe and with you. If you ever have any issues with any keys including the Magrath opening keys let Steve or Nick know immediately.

"Out of Order" sign

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Hi all,

I wanted to remind you of the procedures at Magrath if there is a technology-related issue (printer on the fritz, UPrint system down, unhappy computer, etc).

Your first step is to ALWAYS take a look at the problem yourself. Ask the patron to show you which machine they're referring to, and go with them to try and recreate the problem yourself. Most of the time you won't be able to do anything to fix the issue (again, like if the UPrint system is down), but doing a little recon work to reconfirm the patron's concern is always an excellent idea.

Next, please inform a full-time staff person about this issue. Nick, Steve, Terry, and I will be your first line of defense in dealing with these concerns.

Finally, please print an "Out of Order" sign (located on the desktop). Either you or the staff person should write a brief description of the problem; then, hand it over to the library staff person (so we can report it to Library IT); finally, please tape the sign to the offending equipment.

Any questions? Please be sure to ask! We're always happy to help.

Thanks much,


Unbound journals

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Hey all,

Reminder: we do not circulate unbound journals, generally speaking. If the journal isn't bound (usually in red/grey/black/blue hardcover), and a block pops up when the patron tries to check it out, this item probably should not circulate. Please do not override any of these blocks -- come and ask Nick or me.

Thanks much, as always!


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