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GovDocs Update

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All the state documents that have been in the Magrath basement since the NRL Consolidation are now interfiled with the Magrath State docs up on 2nd floor. Congratulations and thank you to Wendy and her students for getting this job done!

However, while the former EFW/Forestry state docs are actually located upstairs, some of them may still think they are in the closed stacks (MAGR CLS in Aleph). Disregard this status -- they are upstairs, we promise.

Questions? Leave a comment or ask a full-time staff member.

More Changes in Magrath Circulation Desk Area

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The book preshelves have been moved to the left of the reserve collection and are now just outside the door to Steve Koelher's office. The ASL videos and permanent reserve video collection and equipment, including headphones and DVD player remote, have been moved to opposite of where the reserves are now in Magrath in order to give the reserve collection room for growth as more items are added. The shelves have been rearranged a bit and the government/state document shelves have been given more space. The "Get It" shelf is in the same location. The bound journal preshelves have moved to the middle section of the short stack on the side closer to the circulation computer in the back. Please ask Nick Fugate if you have any questions as to where anything is. There may be more changes in the future as the desk continues to be reconfigured, so be aware that things may move and keep an eye open for further updates.

Changes in Magrath Circulation Desk Area

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There has been a large change of how things are arranged in the circulation desk area at Magrath. This current arrangement is temporary until the new setup for the combined information desk is created soon before the fall semester begins. There will be another change at that point and I will let everyone know where things have gone. Currently the book preshelves, reserves, and bound journals have been placed into the shelves where the bound periodicals were previously. Unbound journals and the toner for the printers has been put on the bindery shelves on the wall to the left of Steve's office door. The hold shelves, government document preshelves, and the Get It shelf are still on their side of that same stack. The stack in which the books and reserves were previously will be completely removed so do not place anything on those shelves. The small stack near the old reference desk will also be removed so do not place anything on it. Once again, when things change again I will let everyone know. Also, if you have any questions about where things are currently or where they belong ask.

Book removal at Magrath

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Hi all,

Just a reminder that the NRL student workers will be removing a bunch of items from our stacks in the upcoming weeks. As Nick mentioned, a significant number of books and journals are coming to us from EFW and Forestry, and we need to make room for them in our shelves.

If a patron needs a book and is not able to find it in the stacks, be sure to encourage them to request the item via GetIt -- that's the best bet of getting the book in a timely manner!

Finally, if patrons are concerned that we're removing books from our collection, please assure them that we're not getting rid of anything that isn't duplicated in the U of M Libraries system (for example, that is present in another library [e.g. Wilson or Walter] or to which we have online access).

Please don't hesitate to ask Nick or myself if you have any questions!

Happy almost spring break!!!


Magrath -- the U's 4th Sexiest Building (?!)


As you may have seen/heard, Magrath Library was named the U's 4th sexiest building (yep, you read that right) in the recent Sex-U-Mah edition of the MN Daily.

While on one hand I'm proud that Magrath is getting some recognition for being an awesome library, on the other I'm a little concerned that the Daily readers will begin to take fuller advantage of the building's nooks, crannies, and corners.

If you are up in the stacks and encounter some "amorous" patrons, please come get one of the full-time staff members or the security guard on duty. It is not your responsibility, as student staff, to approach these students; the full-time staff and/or the security guards will handle the situation.

Please feel free to comment, or email Nick, Steve, or myself, if you have any questions about this policy.


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