Confirmation Bias

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In the world of sports entertainment, a big part of the production, other than the lights and the cameras and the actual games being played, is commentary. Commentators come in all shapes and sizes but all have one thing in common, they are biased!
Whether it was because of a team they previously played for, coached, or grew up cheering for, commentators are cheering for certain teams, and when that team isn't winning, it was bad luck, or some other non skill attribute that affected the team not playing well. This is also evident in officiating of sports, not only in the officiating itself, but in the fans, including myself, that are on them all the time for missed calls, but rarely do we praise the refs for their correct calls. Because of our confirmation bias, our predisposition that officials are bad at their job and only make incorrect calls, we look for them to make those incorrect calls to confirm our theory.

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