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Cubicle Makeover

This Close to Home cartoon from May 21, 2004, really hits home given that I dwell in cubicle-land in the basement. Others of my acquaintance can appreciate the feeling of emerging from our dungeons looking rather like Gollumns as we leave work for the day (enter as a hobbit, leave as Gollum... hmm...). Given the popularity of extreme makeover shows and trading spaces shows, this cartoon particularly hit my funny bone.

cubicle makeover.gif

I should confess that we've got a bit of a cubicle makeover going on right now anyway. I brought in one of my serenity fountains (my boss calls me agent serenity, but that's another story), and the philodendrons are working on taking over the office. We're thinking about a jungle atmosphere with vines hanging from the ceilings and jungle bird/critter noises in teh background. Just some thoughts, though.


You and John were particularly whom I had in mind, though I didn't remember that you have sky-lights. We don't have a thing, though I must admit that the overhead flourescent lights are pretty good. We've got some philodendrons going that are doing pretty well overall.

I'm in a cubicle basement too...but we have sunlights and plants that send vines down through cracks all the way to the floor! (that one was cut though) :(