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Dane Lust

I'm sitting at my computer looking at the images of Great Danes I have on the wall behind my monitor. There are some times when I really start missing my Caela--there is something completely unique about having a Great Dane around that the other two can't make up for.

Louise Peterson is a scuptor who clearly understands what Danes are. I have some of her cast stone pieces, but would love to have a bronze. Her most recent one, a memorial to her own Dane who recently passed away, will be just stunning. (So if anyone is looking for a really expensive gift for me, the piece I'd like is Senior Moment ;-) .) One of my other favorites is Shake, Shake, Shake, which serves the dual purpose of art and fountain.

I've also been frequenting some of the Great Dane rescue sites. One dog in particular has caught my eye--many of you have heard me talk about Fritz. He's currently at the Great Dane Foundation in Houston, TX, which is where we found Caela. The coordinator, Cathy (who was also there when we got Caela) says he's in "adoption pending" status, which is really good for him. (I'm trying to get photos uploaded, but having some difficulty. I'll get pictures up as soon as I can figure it out.)

Fritz facing camera
Fritz kisses
Side of Fritz

Now see, the beauty of this system is that I could go back and pretend that I'm not technologically semi-illiiterate. But I'm not gonna. But just take one more look at this face....how can anyone resist?