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A moment of silence

Mom said goodbye to Shawnee this afternoon. Apparently it didn't go as smoothly we would have hoped, but at least she is out of pain. Mom is going to take her ashes and some of Caela's ashes to one of our favorite camping spots in the Snowy Range outside of Laramie.


Please accept my heartfelt condolences...
Shawnee was an amazing and wonderous dog... Such energy and enthusiasm...

I remember fondly...when she first came home...she was so small and seemed so fragile. If I close my eyes, I can still remember how she smelled--that intoxicating sweetness of puppy breath. She was a bundle of energy, excitement and curiousity...

And sometimes she couldn't help but run headlong into the tree...or the clothesline...or the fence.

And as she grew (as puppies do), I recall her greeting me at the door...jumping up madly...

That overwhelming exuberance and love of life--

I have this odd feeling that when she passed over the Bridge, there were a couple of Newfs, a Dane, and a fat little Bassett all waiting patiently, tails a waggin' as she approached.

Please let your mother know, I am terribly sorry for her loss...and yours as well...

Dogs are there when no one else is to comfort us and it's always difficult to lose a good friend. The time we spend with our animals make the grief when they pass bearable and allow us to open our hearts to another dog after a sufficient grieving period. For some reason we choose to remember fondly the time they ate our favorite slippers or proudly pulled underwear from the hamper to show company.

Sorry for the loss of an old friend, we've been there, it leaves a hole in the family. Beautiful place for a final place of rest.

shawnee was very sweet. i am so glad we got to meet her. she will be missed.


Not much to say except that I'm sorry Danielle...poor pooch *and* Mom.