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Well, Payton it is...

My sweet Fritz has gone to his new home. I was in contact with Cathy, the coordinator for the Great Dane Foundation who told me he would be going to a new home.

So now I have to convince Scott that Payton is the boy we need.


Here's the GDF description of him:

"Payton is a 12 month old mantle boy that was turned in by his owners because they didn't want him any more. He is a total joy to be around. He is absolute teddy bear with a charming personality, in addition to being a true well-mannered gentleman around the house. He knows how to use a dog door, and is crate trained and housebroken. He is a typically lively young boy and loves playing with people, kids, and other dogs."

I just know Remy would love to have Payton around. It would make her such a much happier puppy....see, I'm only thinking of the children....


Who is "my sweet Fritz"? Payton looks beautiful. And he sure sounds sweet!!