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My uncle sent me pictures of Shilo, the dog my mom just adopted. Yes, this is the dog that foiled all of our plans to ship Kodi off to my mom--she said she wasn't ready for another dog, so I didn't raise the subject, then she calls out of the blue one night saying she has a little yellow dog in her back yard. In reality, she's trying to find another Remy, but there is only one little Remy girl, and she's not going anywhere (she even got a bath last weekend).

Shilo is turning out to be a handful. She has a stubborn streak running through her, and likes finding mischief. Fortunately, there's no aggression. Another uncle went into mom's house to drop off a check; Shilo was in her kennel, and not only did she not bark at Rick, but allowed him to pet her through the bars (knowing it might cause a disturbance, he wisely didn't let her out of the kennel). The other part of the handful was the spaying experience. Shilo was running free on the streets before animal control got her. Well, at some point during that time, she had a liaison with some unknown male. The issue is now resolved, but mom almost had 11 puppies on her hands as well. Yikes! I did have to resist the urge to point out that Kodi is not only already neutered, but also has no possibility of bearing young. :-)

So now we're taking bets on Shilo's heritage. The only thing I am willing to put any money on would be yellow-lab. Mom is adding chow and/or hound (does that make her a chow-hound?) Any other guesses? Winners might get a sloppy Kodi kiss; losers will definitely get a sloppy Kodi kiss.


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What have I done??!! After Shawnee, I said no more puppies!! Well, Shilo is probably about 2 but totally not housebroken. And totally not yard broken. She runs off with and chews up anything movable and apparently her favorite book/movie is Holes, from the looks of my backyard. My house is constantly being pee'd and pooped in. A chow-hound she is not - I cannot get her to eat. Which means if I am not constantly monitoring food dishes and staying awake, Lena scarfs up on the cat food and the extra dish of dog food. I think Shilo is getting skinnier and Lena is getting quite heavy. Danielle is right - I should have taken Kodi. Maybe she will still trade.