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The first chicken didn't hatch

Capella wants someone with a greater depth and breadth. Oh well. They didn't hire anyone from this round of interviews. I need to call the HR guy back--he wanted to know if I'd be interested in adjuncting, should they need comp instructors (which they will, if they're planning to go the full undergrad route). Not really so interested in on-line teaching. But I will let him know that I'm still interested in the writing center position, if they still don't find anyone.

Have a second interview with CCE on Thursday. First an interview with the director of advising then a "guided conversation" with my would-be peers. I have the study questions in advance...basically the same questions I answered the first time. But it should be fun enough. And it gives me some time not to be in appointments at work. But I shouldn't say things like that... :-)


Sorry to hear about their poor choice in personel. Their loss! Good luck on the next one.

too bad about the capella job. andy has had some interesting experiences with teaching online classes. good luck with the other interview.