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A little light reading

One of the nice things flying out to Wyoming this time allowed was the opportunity for me to catch up on some of the magazines I haven't been able to read lately. I've subscribed to Dog Fancy Magazine since April 1987, and I still have every single issue (or, at least in the case of last year, all of the important parts of the issues). Including the seven months that I have yet to read. So, for the first time since 1987, I won't be renewing my subscription. An era in my dog fixation seems to be closing. Don't get me wrong: Dog Fancy is a wonderful magazine, and a great resource, particularly for less experienced dog owners, or for the general public.

But lest you be alarmed that your favorite canine resource person will suddenly become uninformed about her favorite subject, a new magazine has fallen into my life: The Bark: Dog is my co-pilot (with a new book of short stories related to dogs of the same title as the magazine's sub-title, and from the same editors...). Like Dog Fancy, it's very informative. But it also seems to provide some more in-depth conversation about topics of greater importance...alas, no alluring centerfolds in The Bark as you would find in Dog Fancy. I also like that the magazine describes itself as "the modern dog culture magazine." Plus, it's quarterly, so I might be able to keep up. I was able to read both Summer and Fall 2004 on the plane from Mpls to Denver...