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My own personal doghouse

Now that I have introduced The Bark, I have to share something really cool. I opened to an ad for Crypton Super Fabrics, which has teamed up with Weimeraner photographer William Wegman to create some very cool, very tasteful dog-themed fabrics. I haven't been to the site yet, as mom has a dial-up connection that she pays for, but the ad shows a variety of the prints. The fabrics are available in "wovens, prints, twill, metro, chenille, velese, and suede" and is advertised as resistant to "stains, moisture, bacteria, and odors." At a reception one of the Bark editors attended, a doggy-guest decided to put the fabric to the test, and the fabric held true. The downside, from what I can tell from an article in the other issue I read, seems to be that the fabric costs $52 minimum per yard. So yes, we could replace our futon covers probably three times for the same price as buying enough fabric to make one, but it's still a cool idea.