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On-line Dating

or how we got our precious Remy...

on-line dating.gif

We lost our large golden boy, Marley, in 1999, and in 2001, were ready to get another fluffer-nutter (aka, Golden Retriver). I found the RAGOM (Retrive A Golden Of Minnesota) website, and we were good to go. But we didn't even really see Remy's picture on the site. We were hoping for a boy, someone our Great Dane, Caela, would let live longer than 20 minutes, someone like King, who reminded us of Marley.

After our initial screening interview, a volunteer named Penny called us to see if we were interested in meeting Remy. While Scott was on the phone, I went to the site to see if I could even find this dog--not one we had really considered. Apparently she was a little street-walker in St. Paul--picked up by animal control and surrendered to RAGOM.

When Penny brought her up to the door, she peeked her little head in, and I was smitten. This was, by far, the cutest thing I had ever seen. Her picture didn't do her justice then, nor have any pictures since. (I had never really believed that anyone/thing could truly be unphotogenic--I thought that was just an excuse to avoid having one's picture taken. But Remy truly cannot be reproduced on film. It's the strangest thing for one as cute as she.) Any disappointment that King had been adopted by his foster parents or that Remy wasn't the little boy we had specified quickly went out the window. Not only was she adorable, but she marched right in, found Caela's favorite toy (the tie-dyed elephant that Linda had given her when Marley died), grabbed it, and began playing with it. And Caela didn't blink!!

Penny told us that she had to adopt this dog out quickly or they would end up keeping her. And boy, is that true. I wouldn't have been able to place this one. But how did anyone lose her in the first place? She came knowing sit, and had some manners (which we have since trained out of her...), so someone put time into her once. But how could you lose your dog and not put every ounce of your being into finding her again? If we were on a trip through a place, and realized the dog was missing, our vacation would end right there until we found her again. It's true that Remy has a little wander lust, and given the opportunity would venture out on her own again. It's not that she's trying to escape; it's just that there's an interesting smell over here, and another one over there, and still another one, and by the time she looks up again, she's wandered into a different county.