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Rejection makes me sick

So I find out I didn't get the job on Tuesday, and by Thursday I've come down with the worst cold I've had in probably 3 or more years. I have no voice today--good thing I don't have to actually talk for my job. ;-P

And, a friend a work apparently hatched his own chicken. He's not going far, over to the Y near the university as a program director, or something like that. His salary is probably what I would have been offered for my second chicken, and he's leaving the U. That's the worst blow. Not only will I have lost a U colleague, but we will also have to find a replacement for him on one of the boards I'm on, which will not be an easy proposition.

I've always felt that it's much easier being the leaver than the one who is left. Especially when one of the ones being left was so recently scorned....and my fortune cookie yesterday at a Chinese restaraunt said that I'm next in line for a promotion. Well, duh. That's actually the truth, not a fortune...the way my position works is that once I have 3 years in CLASS and 5 years advising in general, I can be promoted to Associate Academic Adviser. One of my office colleagues was just promoted this year; of course I'm next. I'm the only one in the office who's even eligible--in another year or two....


You have noted very interesting points ! ps decent site.

It's really sickening to be rejected. Past negative experiences are often the reason why we fear rejection. We don't want to feel that kind of feeling again and we sometimes tolerate abuse. What we need to do is to overcome rejection and be able to defend ourselves if ever we are being abused.

We might think that overcoming refection is difficult. But even if it is really difficult, we need to overcome it for us to move on with our lives. Overcoming rejection will help us appreciate and give more value to ourselves.