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So much for the chickens

Well, the second job opportunity was just not to be, either. My only real disappointments in that position are 1) being rejected; 2) no big salary increase; 3) being rejected; 4) no extra flexibility in work hours; and 5) being rejected.

Frankly, I do enjoy my current job, so again, not as disappointed as I might otherwise be. But I can't say I'm overjoyed. I would have enjoyed working with a different set of students, and I would definitely enjoyed having more institutional support for professional development. It looks like I'm going to have to put off taking chemistry until the Fall, because I know I can't get leave time during the week in my current position, whereas I probably could have through this one. But maybe I'll take biology instead.

All I really know is that "I'm a very strong candidate" and "we would love to have you on our staff" and that my written application materials were by far the "best of the pool," but none of that is good enough to actually offer me the position.

Gee, I get bitter in my disappointment, don't I?


Man, if I got a dollar for everytime they said "Excellent candidate but...." I would have at least $8. I was tempted to yell "See you Monday" before they could add the "but." It may have worked in Minnesota. It just means there is something much better out there that will find you. Until then, those losers missed out.

it seems just mean to tell you that they loved your written pieces and then to turn you down for the job. sorry.. i totally lost my train of thought. i glanced up at andy's comment and read "tied them to a burning tar-covered dog..." anyhow, i am sorry to hear about the job.

I'm so sorry neither worked out. I think the biggest disappointment is the rejection. They don't know what a deal they missed by passing you up. Maybe something better is waiting in the wings for you. I love you, Mom.

Hey, Danielle, that sucks. Doesn't it make you crazy to know that even though they apparently thought you were fabulous, another applicant was even more fabulous?

I've been there. And remember, the merits of the candidates don't always figure in too greatly to the actual hiring decision. The last two jobs I applied for and didn't get were both situations where my actual qualifications weren't what they based their decision on. Often there isn't anything at all you could have done.

Sorry to hear about your job woe, Danielle! The stinkers obviously wouldn't know a good candidate if it came along, tied them to a burning tar-covered log and launched them out to sea. At least you're not unemployed! :)

Sorry to hear about that. Maybe something even better will come along.