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Down to one

Well, we've gone from 3 dogs in May to 1 in November. I spent this weekend driving to and from Lincoln, NE, to meet up with my mom halfway between Laramie & Minneapolis to give her one of my dogs. Becka came with me--I dropped her off in Sioux Falls so she could hang out with her sister and see Beth's new apartment. It was wonderful having a companion for at least 1/2 of the drive each day...thanks so much, Becka!

So far mom reports that Kodi is doing ok, though he seems to be asking her where his mom, dad, and Remy are, and when will he get to go home. But I think he'll adjust well, and he and Lena already seem to be hanging out together. Lena is a "stand up and look out" dog in the car, while Kodi will just plop down and sleep. Mom said that when Kodi just plopped down, Lena would lay down with him. She'd still pop up every now and again, but overall was much calmer on the ride home.

Remy and Kodi were particularly awake in the hotel room (must recommend the Ramada Limited North in Lincoln--$5 extra per pet, no weight restriction, no restriction on number of dogs per room!--bring your own pillows, though). They had to bark at every door opening and closing, every child shrieking, every car door opening, every voice in the parking lot. Fortunately, they settled down and stopped barking at some point, but I'm not sure they really slept.

Needless to say, Remy simply crashed all the way home yesterday, and went straight to bed when we got home last night. She didn't really settle down on the way to Sioux Falls--she'd nuzzle Becka, try to nuzzle me, look out the windows, nuzzle Becka, nuzzle me, etc. Once the dogs and I left Sioux Falls, Remy came to sit in the passenger seat, and settled down pretty well there. She just curled up and dozed. She slept pretty soundly in the front seat going back to Sioux Falls. Didn't even spend much time nuzzling once we picked up Becka again. When she did wake up, she was pretty dopey, just figuring out where she wanted to sleep this time. She had the option of one half of the back seat (I left the bench in place, but folded one of the split backs down), the slightly angled seat back, or the back back with the blankets. I think she spent time in all of those places.

Remy seemed a little confused when we got home. She didn't seem particularly concerned that Kodi wasn't with us leaving Lincoln, but she did act as though she kind of expected him to be there when she got home. We'll see how she is this evening when she's more rested (it's a rough life getting to sleep all the time).

Scott doesn't want to start looking for a dane until after Christmas. I need everyone's help to convince him otherwise, although it is just a couple of months. I just happened to stumble across a breeder in Wisconsin who is also involved in rescue who might have a 1 year old black male needing a home...if he's still there, she might be willing to support him for two more months....


I am happy to report Kodi is very settled in. I think if Danielle, Scott, and Remy showed up, he would be ready to go back home with them, but he is very content here. I have gone from two dogs, to one dog, to two dogs, to one dog, to two dogs, to three dogs. Little Shilo wound up back at the shelter. After crying all day Friday, I went out and rescued her again. I am in the process of trying to get an escape-proof back yard. I don't know if she remembers this was a previous home or not, but she is very happy to be here. All three dogs are doing very well together. My only problem is I am now confused as to who my newfs are - I keep calling them Baron and Kisha. Annie is aging fast but puts up will all the comings and goings of dogs. Lena was very happy to see her again, and I think for a moment Kodi thought she was Remy. Shilo needs dog companionship and is really enjoying both Kodi and Lena.

I would wait a bit myself, but I am sure you won't listen to me or Scott! :)