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Other fun things we saw on our trip:

1) The silver semi-trailer, all enclosed (not like the cattle trailers you sometimes see on the innerstate) with the small sign under the back doors: CAUTION: SHOW CHICKENS. That amused us for a little while--I was picturing Gonzo and his truck of chickens from The Muppet Movie for a while.

2)The URL on the back of the pickup topper: www.fishwindowcleaning.com. The site itself isn't very interesting--it's a window cleaning company called Fish Window Cleaning. But when all we saw was the URL, it created some more fun imaginary pictures. Do they clean the windows in the little castles in some aquariums? Do they clean aquariums so the fish can see better?


Hi there, I found your blog via Google while searching for first aid for a heart attack and your post looks very interesting for me.

For what its worth, the layout is absolutely amazing. You know how you can balance writing and images/videos. However, I cant get over how little you in fact bring to light here. I feel that everyones said the identical factor that youve said over and over again. Dont you feel its time for some thing far more?

That's a funny comment, but the truth is an aquarium does need to be cleaned in order for the fish to see better! Otherwise, fish will become over stressed and their eyes can be affected, making them to appear dull.
Just came acrossed this page and liked what I saw.

You wanna know what's really funny? I was seeing if there was any info on show chickens or the warnings related to them and I happened upon this entry! :)

LOL, that is so funny. I found your site doing a search on Fish Window Cleaning. The company puts on a front that they are a really religous family owned business, yet they gossip more than anybody I have ever known and they fired my fiance for being pregnant, fired one of her friends for coming off pregnancy leave, and other people for unethical reasons. I will never recommend them to anyone not even to clean the castle in my fishtank hahaha.

I like Becka'a mom's comment. Can't you just see those little suckers scurrying up and down the inside and outside of your windows? I mean, they have to scurry - they can't live long out of water. Do you suppose they do floors, too?

Can you hire fish to come clean your windows? I might be interested.